e-SaaS (Energy Saving as a Service)

e-SaaS is an optimally tailored solution based on 360o Site Audit and the Energy efficiency gaps found therein. e-Saas is a unique Op-Ex based solution, which delivers Energy lifeline to your business.

For implementing this solution, we do not charge any upfront payment or payments for subsequent maintenance & replacements. In fact, we replace your ‘Present Energy Cost’ by an ‘Assured & Lowered Energy Cost’ payable on a monthly basis. With the implementation of e-SaaS, we deliver Guaranteed Reduction in Current Energy cost in the range of 5% to 20% and all further costs related to non-IT equipment like Initial Cap-Ex, Replacement Cap-Ex, Asset Insurance, AMC’s and Repairs & Maintenance are borne by us, thus freeing- up money for your core business.

With the implementation of e-SaaS, we deliver CCP (Consistent Conditioned Power) across entire business hours. e-SaaS includes installation of a Rooftop Solar PV, wherever possible.

Features of e-SaaS

  • Optimally tailored Solution
  • Best-in-class technology, deployed at your premises
  • Assured Saving in Energy Cost
  • Zero Asset Insurance Cost
  • Zero AMC /R&M Cost
  • Zero Replacement Capital Expenditure
  • Delivering Consistent Conditioned Power (CCP)
  • Uptime Guarantee
  • Repairs and Maintenance handled by Trained & Dedicated Staff
  • Reducing Energy footprint, drastically lowering environmental impact

e-SaaS delivers ‘Peace of Mind’ along with ‘Direct Savings’ at ‘No Additional Costs’

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