greensenss – (Ultra Smart Infrastructure)

greensenss is Secure, Green, Sustainable, Modular & Ultra Smart Infrastructures for Banks, E-Lobbies, Offices and Hospitals. With deployment time of just 15 to 20 days, it can play a vital role in disaster relief situations as well.

All-weather, Robust & Ready to Deploy Structures with an area starting from 250 sq.ft gives it a unique ability of being installed in remotest and tightest of the places. With our modular design, the Infrastructure can be changed and adopted based on the specific needs of the deployment.

With on-board Electrical, PCUs, Rooftop Solar, HVAC, Lighting, Signages, e-Surveillance, MEP, Safe Water, Pantry, Zero-discharge Toilets, etc. the structures are ready to use upon deployment.

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