Robust Energy Infra – Dream or Vision?

Year 1998.
When Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam wrote his vision for India 2020, he scripted his idea and foresight about various areas of development. While writing about enabling infrastructure, among roads, railways, IT, communication, internet connectivity, he said, “All the  above  depend  crucially on energy and  especially the assurance  of quality electric power to all Indians and for all sectors of economic activity. Sometimes one wonders whether we can have such a vision at all! How many power cuts plagued us while we wrote this book!”

Quoting Dr Kalam again, “No nation  can aspire  to be  modern and  developed  without the  availability of quality power for all. No modern machinery can run without uninterrupted  and quality power systems.”

Today we are on the verge of entering into the year 2018. Twenty years passed.
To underline the time passed – Kids who were born when the book was penned down are going to college today!

Can we answer the hesitation in the question today? Can we have such a vision at all?
The condition of power cuts may have improved to a great extent in metro cities. But for the rest of the country, it hasn’t moved much further from what it was then. This fact with availability of power is true with the quality of power as well.

We, at Sharp Power, embarked on our mission to provide uninterrupted and conditioned, high quality electric power to businesses and households thirty-one years ago, in 1987. We paved our way through manufacturing, leased power solutions to designing energy efficient green infrastructure for businesses.

Today we have become a trusted Power Conditioning partner with our customers – senss! Sharp Energy Saving Solutions!
We do have a long way ahead in realising our vision – a vision of India with uninterrupted and quality power systems, a vision of India with robust energy infrastructure. But yes, we can say with confidence that this is not just a dream, but this is the vision we want to walk towards.

More about us coming soon…